Din nou, ACUM, Brașov, 17-19 octombrie 2019 ACUM, Again, Brașov, 17-19 octombrie 2019 Section Scientific Actuality


Cătălin Berescu


The International Colloquium of Social Sciences and Communication ACUM (NOW) took place in Brasov in between 17th and 19th of October 2019, over three sunny autumn days. The event was organized by the Faculty of Sociology and Communication of the University Transylvania and by the Society of Sociologists of Romania. The keynote speakers were: Bogdan Voicu (R.I.Q.L.) with a communication about migration as a double osmosis, Robbie Gilligan (University of Dublin), with a paper about working with vulnerable young people, Sylvie Huet, (University of Clermond), who investigated the “glass ceilings”, and Mihai Burlacu, from the Bucharest Polytechnic, with a reconsideration of the anthropological space as heterotopia. The colloquium organized by SSR is already part of a local university tradition of national and international openness. Slowly but steadily, a real international character of scientific manifestations in Romania is formed, much less cosmopolitan than similar conferences in the global West, but with a constant presence of foreign guests and participants who bring a much needed diversity of perspectives and research themes. During the works, we received a very careful reception from colleagues in sessions that put together various contributions, from long-term individual research topics to recent exploratory research.The event was one that confirmed its success over the years, thus strengthening Brasov's place on the map of social sciences in Romania.


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Cătălin Berescu, Research Institute for Quality of Life, Romanian Academy

Address: 13 September Road no. 13, District 5, 050711, Bucharest, Romania.

Email: catalinberescu@gmail.com

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Berescu, C. (2020). Din nou, ACUM, Brașov, 17-19 octombrie 2019: ACUM, Again, Brașov, 17-19 octombrie 2019. Sociologie Românească, 18(2), 203-205. https://doi.org/10.33788/sr.18.2.15