Drumul nostru către Dimitrie Gusti Our Path to Dimitrie Gusti Section Essays


Zoltán Rostás


This short paper is, in fact, a brief presentation of the independent research group the “Gusti Cooperative”, which has been investigating, for twenty years, the history of the Sociological School of Bucharest from a social history perspective. In the article a take a critical stance towards the diachronic practice of the history of sociology promoted from the 1960s onwards, advocating, instead, for a synchronic approach to the Gustian phenomenon. Therefore, in this short exploration, I emphasize that it is necessary to continue in-depth research of the contexts in which the School was active, as well as the need for auxiliary tools, while not attempting to make any kind of synthesis.


Author Biography

Zoltán Rostás, University of Bucharest

Facultatea de Jurnalism şi Ştiinţele Comunicării

Address: Complex Studențesc "Leu", Corp A, Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 1-3, București, 061071.

Email: zoltan.z.rostas@gmail.com

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Rostás, Z. (2020). Drumul nostru către Dimitrie Gusti: Our Path to Dimitrie Gusti. Sociologie Românească, 18(2), 136-139. https://doi.org/10.33788/sr.18.2.6