Migrația românească în Spania


Ana Bleahu


This paper draws on two qualitative fieldwork researches: The Rural Non-farm Economy and Livelihood Diversification in Georgia, Armenia and Romania lead by The Natural Resources Institute, University of Greenwich, and commissioned by the UK Department for International Development and the World Bank and a fieldwork in Barcelona based on a grant from Soros Foundation for an Open Society and the University of Bucharest (in the framework of the program Regional Development). The most important issues of the presentation are: 1) to determine the characteristics of labor market in rural Romanian areas in order to find the motivation behind migration and what emigration strategies were adopted; 2) to study the integration of Romanian emigrants on official and informal labor markets, the spontaneous strategies adopted by individuals or groups in order to find a job, the working conditions; 3) to study the effects of remittances from workers abroad on local economy development in Romania.


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