Media Picture Politics: a Communicational Analysis of the Romanian Media Public Space


Corina Daba-Buzoianu
Cristina Cîrtiţă-Buzoianu


Our paper implies a comparative analysis of the Romanian media public space in the years 2011 and 2012, by pointing out the process, actors and themes of the communication. We inquire whether we have real communication autonomy in the public space and how public space’ actors relate with journalists and politicians. We are interested in understanding how citizens and opinion leaders succeed to communicate and state their position, but also what are the themes they choose. The methodology is content analysis, with which we investigated the content of the messages within the media public space in Romania, the actors and the mechanisms of the communication. Also, our study implies a communication analysis of the public space, as it uses a content analysis method specific to public relations, communications lifecycle, developed by David Michaelson and Toni L. Griffin, in order to analyse the efficiency of the communication. Our study shows that there is a strong connection between the themes communicated by public space’s actors and the topics spread out by the media. Moreover, we see that media is dominated by political messages, which have an important influence on the message content of the public space’ actors, who don’t seem to succeed in imposing new themes, or to generate a real debate on the issue at matter. Finally, our paper reconsiders the debate on the public space and the media public space, for a better understanding of their dynamics and communication mechanisms.


Author Biographies

Corina Daba-Buzoianu, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration

Address: 6 Povernei Street, District 1, București, România.


Cristina Cîrtiţă-Buzoianu, Vasile Alecsandri University of Bacău

Address: 157 Mărășești Road, 600115, Bacău, Bacău County, Romania.


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Daba-Buzoianu, C., & Cîrtiţă-Buzoianu, C. (1). Media Picture Politics: a Communicational Analysis of the Romanian Media Public Space. Sociologie Românească, 11(1), 19-28. Retrieved from