Impactul social media asupra comunicării politice The Impact of Social Media on Political Communication Section Articles


Ionela Carmen Boşoteanu


The paper „The impact of social media on political communication” aims to emphasize the changes brought by new technologies, via social media, to political communication, as an unprecedented transformation of the communication between a politician and the ordinary potential elector. Following the rise of the internet and the success of social networks, political communication adapted to the web structure by means of the online interaction of the two actors in the public scene. Social media is a relatively new concept, used rather than defined in the specialised literature. Therefore, after a brief definition and a diachronic presentation of the concept, we intend to describe the new features of political communication used by politicians by means of new communication techniques, providing examples wherever possible. New media, a form of mass communication, was a constant topic of our concern, and, therefore, approaching the social media phenomenon is nothing but a natural consequence of our previous studies. The article is structured into two chapters, as follows: The first chapter deals with the social media phenomenon and the changes it brought to political communication. The second chapter concerns the social media – political communication which will highlight the reviving of political communication through social media, leading us to assert that, through social media, political communication tends to become – in Dominique Boullier’s terms – net-politique (internet politics). The bibliographic references we made use of in describing this theme come from the Anglofrancophone research area, but also from the Romanian specialised literature.


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Ionela Carmen Boşoteanu, The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași

Address: 13 Grigore Ghica Street, Iași, Iași County, Romania.


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